• Vungle – SDK

    Install Vungle's latest SDK to maximize revenue and to give your users a great experience. Includes support for Vungle Exchange, for access to high-quality brand ads

    • Keep your app lean with one of the lightest SDKs on the market
    • Maximize revenue across brand and performance ads with unique predictive algorithms

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  • Vungle Exchange (closed beta)

    The first-ever exchange for in-app video ads. Instantly and frictionlessly buy and sell in-app video inventory at scale

    • Programmatically buy and sell in-app video ad inventory at scale
    • High-resolution, high-bitrate ads for a superior UX and return on ad spend
    • Videos served faster than the human eye can blink
    • Learn more from our FAQs here.

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  • Vungle Direct

    Work with Vungle’s optimization experts to maximize eCPM, while maintaining an exceptional user experience. Monetize your app or game through customized or user-initiated interstitials, in-game integration and more

    • Maximize your eCPM with Vungle’s stunning, high-quality HD videos.
    • Integrate Vungle’s lightweight SDK in minutes

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The best developers and publishers work with Vungle.

Vungle has the most attractive video format on the market, which has allowed us to easily monetize Cut the Rope in a way that complements our engaging UX and widely-beloved content.

- Diana Moldavsky, CRO, Zeptolab

Our relationship with Vungle was a turning point for MobJoy. We are now focusing on video ads to monetize our apps. Amazing revenue potential, amazing partner.

- Fabio Massuda, CEO, Mobjoy

Vungle provides advertisers with superior ROAS

Visitors who came to the website after exposure to the Vungle ad stayed nearly 50% longer than the average visit. If you look at the different marketing campaigns we have tried, the Vungle ads have generated longer visits than any of them.

- Chuck Lepley, Director of Marketing, Orbotix