6 Games That Do Monetization Differently

With the right approach, there’s plenty of money to be made on mobile games, but it can be tricky to find a monetization battle plan that clicks. How you roll out monetization in your game can be an important factor in your overall success with sales. To offer some inspiration, here’s a quick look at […]

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Where to Find Vungle at Apps World (And Why You Should)

A team of Vunglers will be taking on Berlin next week, with a mission to showcase the latest in mobile video ad creative at Apps World Germany. In between hearing incredible keynotes and hitting the endless happy hours and networking events, we hope you’ll spend a little time with us. Here are four ways to […]

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5 Ways to Build a Killer Mobile Ad Experience

5 Mind-Blowing Stats on the Future of Mobile Ad Spend

  This month, eMarketer shared its forecast for U.S. Ad Spending – a look at what’s to come in the ever-changing world of advertising. The results ushered in a new regime in the advertising industry: By 2019, mobile will account for 72% of U.S. Digital Ad Spend. Soak that in. If you’re the visual type, here’s […]

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Zombie Catchers Boosts Session Length 25% with Opt-in Video Ads

If you enjoy killing zombies (and who doesn’t), then you need to immediately pick up your phone and download Zombie Catchers. This offbeat app takes a new twist on the zombie genre – letting players harpoon the undead and build a business by blending them into smoothies. It was a success from the beginning, hitting 1.5M downloads […]

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Is Twitch Worth It For Mobile Developers? (Hint: We Say Yes.)

The world’s longest turn in Hearthstone. The largest space battle in history. A Guiness Record breaking game of Pokémon. These all took place on Twitch – which claims to “broadcasts ALL the games!” and boasts 65 million monthly active users that share and watch live streams of gameplay. Twitch is a digital trophy case of gaming talent, incredible feats. and international […]

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App Reviews Incoming! LaunchKit’s Review Monitor Handles the Fallout

For game and app developers, staying on top of App Store reviews as they go live can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got your head buried in the day-to-day flow of new projects. You want to be able to celebrate the positive ratings and quickly deal with any issues or negative comments as they […]

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6 Trends Shaping the Games Industry in 2015

2014 saw tremendous growth in the mobile gaming world, and this year’s continued expansion brings with it exciting opportunities and new challenges for developers. The mobile games industry is projected to top $40 billion by 2017, and today’s market trends can offer an insightful window into where the future is headed. With 2015 already off […]

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Education through Gaming – Inspiration from the White House

Games are educational vehicles – we’ve all know that for some time. Children of the 90s will certainly recall learning equations from Math Blasters, geography and history from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, and, well, puns from Monkey Island. But, despite these hopeful beginnings, edugames haven’t moved significantly forward in the classroom or in scientific […]

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6 Tips on Captivating Players from Storm8’s Chief Creative Officer

  Tim LeTourneau knows a thing or two about game design. He’s worked in the industry for 25 years – as VP  of the Sims Studio at EA, leading creation of Farmville and now working at Storm8 on titles like Restaurant Story. At this year’s GDC, he shared insights on launching invest-express games (when users invest […]

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What’s in a Viral Hit? Trivia Crack & Tango Pull Back the Curtain

  What do Trivia Crack and Tango, a mobile messaging service, have in common? Oh, just about 20 million DAU. These powerhouse publishers have experienced huge success with users, and they joined Vungle on stage at GDC yesterday to talk about how. Here are the highlights: The Players Paul Del Pin: Head of Marketing & Sales […]

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