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Vungle is the leading video monetization platform for apps. Our technology helps thousands of app developers around the world make money and enhance their app's user experience with beautiful video ads.

The best developers and publishers work with Vungle.

Vungle has the most attractive video format on the market, which has allowed us to easily monetize Cut the Rope in a way that complements our engaging UX and widely-beloved content.

- Diana Moldavsky, CRO, Zeptolab

Our relationship with Vungle was a turning point for MobJoy. We are now focusing on video ads to monetize our apps. Amazing revenue potential, amazing partner.

- Fabio Massuda, CEO, Mobjoy

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  • Case Study: The Picture of Ad-Driven Success

    When used correctly, in-app ads are not only an essential source of revenue for developers, they can also complement the app experience for users. The challenge lies in integrating ads in a way that enhances the experience rather than detracts from it. When the one-man shop behind Pic Stitch – a Top 10 photo app…

  • Best Practices for Video Ad Placements

    We’d like to help you get the most from your Vungle video ads. Whether you’re looking to maximize revenue, or generate a steady flow of earnings from ads, read on to learn how to optimize placements based on your goals.   Click the image below to learn the best practices for video ad placements!:  …

  • Video: Learn why Vungle is the platform of choice for top publishers!

    During GDC we had the chance to interview a handful of Vungle’s top publishers including: Jeff Hardy, CEO of F84 Games, Ian Marsh, Co-Founder of NimbleBit and Diana Moldavsky, CRO of ZeptoLab. Hear why Vungle is their monetization platform of choice in our brand-new Vungle Publisher Success video:     Keep up-to-date with all things…

  • Come See Vungle CEO, Zain Jaffer, speak at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit! Here’s a tiny preview of what we have in store.

    With more than 80% of time on mobile spent in apps it’s more important than ever to create delightful and engaging experiences for consumers while simultaneously delivering for the advertiser.  But with advertisers constantly seeking new ways to interact with potential customers, striking a balance between consumer and developer preferences is a very delicate process….

  • Case Study: My Baby’s Triple Revenue Growth Spurt!

    While developers at London-based Tonee Ltd were thrilled by the adoption rate of their parenting simulation game My Baby, their feelings about the revenue stream were less enthusiastic. In-app ad revenue was simply not in line with what they had anticipated, given the game’s 6MM players. Vungle’s optimization experts reviewed the initial ad placement and…

  • Case Study: Traffic Races Revs Up Revenue with Vungle

    Soner Kara, the creator of the uber-popular game, Traffic Racer wanted a way to monetize his game without compromising the user experience. He found the perfect solution in Vungle. By integrating the Vungle SDK, Soner saw an incredible 3x boost in revenue.   Instead of pushing ads at players, Kara presents them with an opportunity…

  • For Love of the Game: Meet the Game Enthusiasts Behind Electricseed Games!

    Games are a part of our daily lives.  They are an escape from the humdrum of our everyday routine; a moment for us to delight in world of fun and relax, if only for a second.  Many of us are passionate about games, but with the busy schedules  of our day-to-day lives it’s difficult to…

  • Tickle Your Senses With Vungle’s New TICKLEtech!

    Technology is insane these days. We have self driving cars, 3D television, James Bond style wearable devices, the Oculus Rift, and now, the innovative new tech Vungle has been hinting at for months is finally ready to be revealed — tangible, sensory in-app experiences. You read that correctly — you can now experience the sensation…

  • Recap!: Vungle’s GDC 2014

    Welcome back to the real world folks! We hope you had as much fun at GDC 2014 as we did over here at Vungle.  It was so nice to see all of our old gaming friends and to make some new ones along the way. Whether we’ve known you for years, or just met this…

  • Case Study: Moving the Ball for Sphero

    Orbotix, the creators of the robotic ball Sphero, came to Vungle with a unique challenge: Raise awareness and user engagement for their super innovative new product that was jaw-droppingly cool in action, but left much to the imagination otherwise.  With Vungle ads they were able to reach their desired audience and raise user engagement by…